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Automate productionizing of your Data Science and Machine Learning applications


Professional MLOps Consulting Services for Enterprise

Transform AI R&D projects and Proof of Concepts into scalable, production-ready enterprise software. Improve machine learning deployment pipelines and accelerate operationalizing of your ML solutions.

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Accelerated Model to Market delivery

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Automation for productionizing R&D projects 

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Successful transition from PoC to enterprise-level product

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Focus on algorithms, data, and insights while we give you platforms and pipelines 

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Enterprise-Level AI and ML Services

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Productionizing ML & Data Science R&D projects

Drive your Data Science and Machine Learning projects to production effectively. Collaborate with practitioners on building Machine Learning Model Lifecycle, implement MLOps continuous delivery practices, and productionize your AI-powered applications at a rapid pace.

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Abstracting Infrastructure for ML Software

Empower your Data Scientists and ML Engineers to develop and operate models. Provide them with support in building and managing the infrastructure required to develop AI algorithms. Gain help with maintaining computing resources, data lakes, and data pipelines system architecture.

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Building AI-powered Software

Design and develop AI-powered software leveraging experience gathered through building numerous enterprise-scale systems. Enhance your in-house competence with know-how provided by Grape Up experts.

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Consulting for Open-Source Technologies & Tools

Adopt open-source solutions with support and guidance delivered by experienced engineers proficient in building tech stacks for AI apps and ML platforms. Design strong foundations based on battle-proven technologies, tools, frameworks, and solutions.

 Case Study

Building AI Platform empowering leading automotive brand
to develop ML-driven products


Grape Up provides a luxury car manufacturer with a robust, reliable infrastructure that enables the development and productionizing of cutting-edge AI applications

Key ingredients of the highly available and scalable AI platform: 

  • Built with the use of modern cloud-native technologies and platforms,  
  • Implemented Continuous Integration and Deployment support, 
  • Infrastructure as a Code approach and GitOps paradigm, 
  • Easy to use for Data Scientists and Engineers, 
  • Reliable, repeatable experiments and model versioning, 
  • Built-in logging, monitoring, and alerting. 

The AI Platform enables the automotive company to run over 100 ML & Data Science projects in a resilient environment.

By using the platform to manage ML apps development, the company reduced the amount of code by 80%, retaining high quality and testability. Such a solution also enables a central governance stack for billing, monitoring, cloud trail, and logs management.  

With Grape Up's help, the automotive company accelerated time-to-market for its ML algorithms and systems and enabled its Data Science and Machine Learning teams to drive innovation faster in a very disruptive and inventive market.  

Grape Up works with the world's most innovative enterprises 

Grape Up is a consulting & technology company helping enterprises create the most important applications by leveraging AI & cloud-native technologies and modern ways of delivering software.