How to Monetize Vehicle Data Thanks to In-car Technologies

How to Monetize Vehicle Data Thanks to In-car Technologies

Create a data monetization strategy that understands your consumers’ needs, runs smoothly, and will open new revenue streams for your company

A software-defined vehicle does not work in a vacuum. It operates at the intersection of different technologies, entities, and diverse needs. The parties to the issue are not just the driver and the OEM, but also the Internet provider, the software company or the developer of the road infrastructure, and even the lawmaker. If we want to create an effective and market-responsive monetization strategy and thus generate new revenue streams for the company, we need to be mindful of that.

That is why in our paper, we do not focus solely on the technology that is in charge of retrieving data from the car. We also write about the type of services that are the most popular among modern drivers, show practical use cases, and highlight the mega-trends shaping the automotive industry.

And most importantly - we avoid the programming jargon because it is useful in the programming stage, not when establishing a dialogue between the parties involved in the monetization process.

This practical whitepaper gives you a crucial insight and indispensable knowledge about data monetization and helps you develop a market proof strategy for your automotive brand

What will you learn from the document?

Telemetry Data Analytics
To understand eight technologies necessary to retrieve data from a vehicle.
Platform Ops i Support
To get a broad perspective on the automotive monetization business, emerging possibilities, and trends.
ikony linie-20
To unlock 28 new revenue streams based on market use cases and technical possibilities of a software-defined vehicle.
Platform Enablement
Technical aspects and crucial checkpoints to bear in mind if you want to monetize vehicle data.
Data Enablement
To understand the consumer's fears and learn how to counteract them thanks to well-thought-out services.
connected car architecture design
The categories of data collected in the vehicle and the needs of third parties involved in the process.

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Marcin Wiśniewski Grape Up

Marcin Wiśniewski works at Grape Up as a Head of Business Development. He collaborates closely with customers on identifying their needs and connecting them with experts helping in leveraging AI and cloud-native technologies to deliver software that ensures competitive advantage and business growth. He is an agile software development evangelist & a DevOps culture advocate.

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